Introduction to International School

Introduction to International School

In order to comply with the new situation of economic globalization and educational internationalization, according to the Jiangxi Higher Education [2002]NO.97 document, with the approval of the Education Department of Jiangxi Province, our school has set up experimental classes of undergraduate teaching reformsince 2003, and carried out undergraduate international class program which has become one of the earliest three pilot programs of undergraduate teaching reform in colleges.

International School is a teaching unit which takes Sino-foreign cooperative education and foreign students education as the main task. It is responsible for the teaching task of undergraduate teaching reform experimental classes and teaching arrangement, daily management of foreign students.

Our school accumulates abundant teaching and managing experiences, and formulates its special characteristics through the school running.


1. East China Jiaotong University is one of the earliest universities in Jiangxi Province that carry out the Sino-foreign cooperative education program and have great influences on the society. It sets up International School specially to further strengthen the related management;

2. With the integration of Sino-foreign advanced educational resources, focusing on needs of international and domestic marketInternational School has optimizedthe specialtysetup of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects;

3. When setting up cooperative education projects, we has taken into account such situations as differentnationalitiesand regions of studentsdifferent economic support capacityand different learning abilityof students, thus we can meet all needs ofstudents;

4. Weadopt such Sino-foreign double-degree cooperation modes as 1+2+1”,“2+2”,“3+1”,“3+2”which can meet the needs of different students to study in different periods and stages.Our course teaching and teaching management has reached the international standards and the course credits are mutually recognized;

5. Ourforeign cooperative universities are all formaluniversities which are approved by China's Ministry of Education and can be searched on one official website concerning foreign education information of Chinas Ministry of Education ( Degree awarded by those universities has got international and domesticrecognition . It serves as the pass for students to get high salary;

6. Our most curriculum are taught by outstanding teachers once studied abroad or foreign professors with using foreign original textbooks. We have adopted laddered bilingual and all-English teaching methods so that students can not only have strong professional qualitiesbut also can well communicate in the professional field with English.That helps students to have a good preparationfor entering multinational companies and studying abroad in the future;

7. We have high-quality teaching staffs and experienced management team in Sino-foreign cooperative education projects and adopt the system of specially-designated person being responsible for particular specialty.Our teaching management is in line with our cooperative schools so that the teaching qualities are assured;

8 We offer multiple abroad-study consulting services to our students. The visa success rate is above 90% over the years;

9. We adopt humanized student management and make career planning early for studentThe learning atmosphere is strong;

Our cooperative universities are:

Troy University (United States)

University of Bridgeport (United States)

Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

University of Greenwich (United Kingdom)

Swansea University (United Kingdom)

University of Salford (United Kingdom)

London Business School(United Kingdom)

New Brunswick University (Canada)

Northern AlbertInstitute of Technology (Canada)

Irkutsk State Transport University (Russia)