Introduction to International School

Introduction to Specialties in International School

In order to comply with the new situation of economic globalization and educational internationalization, according to the Jiangxi Higher Education [2002]NO.97 document, with the approval of the Education Department of Jiangxi Province, our school has set up experimental classes of undergraduate teaching reformsince 2003, and carried out undergraduate international class program which has become one of the earliest three pilot programs of undergraduate teaching reform in colleges.

International School is a teaching unit which takes Sino-foreign cooperative education and foreign students education as the main task. It is responsible for the teaching task of undergraduate teaching reform experimental classes and teaching arrangement, daily management of foreign students.

Our school accumulates abundant teaching and managing experiences, and formulates its special characteristics through the school running.

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I. Specialties catalogue


Specialty name












International School


International Accounting

Arts and Sciences


Four years



The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

International Financial Management (CIMA)

II. Specialty cultivation plan

Accounting (International Accounting)

1. Specialty cultivation objective

Based on national undergraduate education standards, with the integration of modern accounting professional system and vocational education, this specialty aims to cultivate senior compound talents of business administration who can be engaged in accounting auditing and financial management in multinational companies and large enterprises concerning foreign affairs and accounting firms, with professional international accountingknowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, and proficient in using modern technical means and English.

2. Main subjects

Business Administration and Economics

3. Core curriculum

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Principles of Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law, Accounting Information Systems, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing

Accounting (ACCA)

1. Specialty cultivation objective

Based on national undergraduate education standards, with the integration of modern accounting professional system and vocational education, this specialty aims to cultivate applied professional talents who can adapt the needs of modern market economy and have the humanistic spirit, scientific literacy and integrated quality and good innovation and entrepreneurship, with professional knowledge in economy, management, law and accounting, and can be engaged in multinational companies, international accounting firms, management consulting firms and large state-owned enterprises and other institutions.

2. Main subjects

Business Administration and Economics

3. Core curriculum

Fundamental of AccountingAccountant in BusinessManagement AccountingFinancial AccountingCorporate and Business LawPerformance ManagementTaxationIntermediate Financial AccountingAuditingFinancial ManagementCost AccountingEthics in AccountancyAdvanced Financial AccountingBusiness AnalysisAdvanced Financial ManagementAdvanced Performance Management

Accounting (CMA)

1. Specialty cultivation objective

With systematically combining the core curriculum of Management Accounting and curriculum of Certified Management Accountant(CMA) under Institute of Management Accountants(IMA), this specialty has adapted to the requirements of strengthening talents cultivation of Management Accounting by Ministry of Finance. This specialty aims to cultivate four-in-one bilingual advanced talents of management accounting of knowledge, ability, CMA, professional quality, with international horizons. Our school has built a good career development platform and provided numerous opportunities for students. Through strengthening education and practice, students’innovation and entrepreneurship can be improved.

2. Main subjects

Business Administration and Economics

3. Core curriculum

MicroeconomicsMacroeconomics, Management, Statistics, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Corporate Finance, External Decisions of Financial Reporting, Internal Control, Financial Statement Analysis, Cost Management, Performance Management, Investment Decisions, Decision Analysis, Risk Management.

Financial Management (CIMA)

1. Specialty cultivation objective

Based on comprehensive quality-oriented education, leading by financial management, strengthening English using ability, focusing on financial management information development and utilization , this specialty aims to cultivate international high-quality creative bilingual applied talents who can adapt to the needs of socialist market economy construction and has professional knowledge of modern enterprise financial management and accounting, with broad business horizons, pioneering spirit of innovation entrepreneurship, good interpersonal skills, leadership skills, superior English application skills, and proficient in financial management rules and related international standards, and can be engaged in international financial management, financial consulting and accounting in multinational enterprises ,foreign-related economic sectors and government agencies and social agencies.

2. Main subjects

Business Administration, Economics, Law

3. Core curriculum

Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Investment, Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets